At D Group, we are committed to providing excellence in civil construction and associated services, delivering quality results that exceed our client's expectations. From the delivery of innovative civil methods of minor civil works to turnkey major infrastructure projects. 

‘Smaller footprint, bigger future’ mandate is focused on identifying risks and proactively managing those to reduce the impact of our operations and those of our clients. Incorporating environmental sustainability principles, awareness and understanding in all areas of work. We believe safe projects are successful projects.  

Our team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced are equipped with modern plant and technology to meet all client expectations and to guarantee a safe, high quality and environmentally sound project.


  • Auguring
  • Basement and multiple storey basement excavations systems
  • Bored piers and concrete installation
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Bulk and detail excavation
  • Car park construction
  • Civil construction
  • Civil stormwater and hydraulics work
  • Concrete foundations
  • Contaminated land management and remediation
  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Controlled filling operations
  • Detail and bulk earthworks (including asbestos removal)
  • Detailed excavation
  • Detailed footing excavation
  • Excavation, shoring and underpinning
  • Environmental controls
  • Fully equipped Workshed
  • Final trimming of earthworks
  • Flexible and rigid pavement construction
  • Footing and pad installation
  • General road works
  • Installation of shoring systems
  • Intersection works including curbs, line marking and traffic controls
  • Plant hire
  • Preparation of building platforms
  • Remediation
  • Roads, car parks and landscaping
  • Rock hammering pipeline construction
  • Intersections and street lighting
  • Shoring design and advice
  • Shotcrete and batter stabilisation
  • Shotcrete installation
  • Site cut and controlled filling of sites
  • Soil nails, temporary and permanent ground anchors
  • Stormwater drainage and services
  • Site establishment, temporary services and decommissioning of existing services
  • Survey and level control
  • Soft and hard landscaping
  • Temporary traffic management measures
  • Testing and conformance of completed works
  • Underground services (hydraulic and utility)