The Company

D Group are civil, hydraulics, and management specialists operating within Canberra, and Australia. Founded in 1999, D Group has grown from a local hydraulics company into Canberra's market leader in integrated civil, hydraulics and management projects, employing over 110 full-time employees.

D Group are unique in the market. They offer a full-service, integrated, multi-discipline approach to projects, which allows them to offer best-practice advice and workmanship.

D Group's full-service offering is backed by the company's skilled, qualified and experienced employees. The company is comprised of professionals from apprentices to foremen, and engineers to licensed builders and drainers, who have a wealth of combined experience. When you engage D Group for a project, you are engaging an in-house team of the best tradespeople and professionals in the industry.

D Group work with their clients to discover the best project outcomes, made possible through a partnership approach based on trust and shared-confidence. They pride themselves on managing budgets and timelines effectively, leveraging their network capabilities and connections with local and interstate suppliers.

Over 90% of business at D Group comes from repeat clients. The company is founded on the belief that the growth of your business is of mutual interest. As such, D Group ensure they consistently deliver the highest standard of workmanship and client service to businesses both big and small.

Recognised for

  • A "can do" approach
  • A full-service, integrated, multi-discipline offering
  • A partnership approach to client projects
  • A reputation for performance
  • Budget management proficiency
  • Experienced teams
  • Flexibility in services and solutions
  • High quality service and product
  • Innovation and value
  • Timeliness and effective project management systems


  • Design and construct developments
  • Government projects
  • Apartment developments
  • Office developments
  • Water filtration installations
  • Black water system installations
  • Grey water system installations
  • Rainwater harvesting installations
  • Commercial maintenance solutions
  • Liaising with clients from concept stage through to the completed project