The Company

Founded in 1994, D Group has grown from a local plumbing company into one of Canberra's leading civil, hydrualics and construction management firms. 

With over 27 years of experience backed by a team of diverse skills and knowledge, we have built a strong reputation in our industry for our innovation, culture, integration and solution approach through our four key divisions; civil, hydraulics, construction management and construction plant and equipment hire. 

At D Group we value: 

  • The client is our focus 
  • Safety in all we do
  • We have a solution focus 
  • We are open and collaborative
  • Our people are our strength
  • We respect the community and the environment

We work together with a dedicated culture and willingness to attack any task or challenge. Backed with a diverse range of experience, resources, technical knowledge and skills, we pride ourselves on delivery a quality product on time. 

D Group has four central divisions of the business; Civil, Hydraulics, Construction  Management and Construction Plant & Truck Hire. Each division is complemented through our innovative and integrated approach through all divisions of the business, operating within the commercial and residential sector throughout ACT and broader NSW.