D Group's success has stemmed from their superior knowledge and experience in hydraulics and plumbing. From humble beginnings D Group has developed a global-standard best practice approach to hydraulics that leverages the Civil and Management arms of the business.

Hydraulics is an integral part of D Group's full-service building delivery. The success of their Hydraulics projects has been dependent on their ability to successfully execute plans, manage budgets and time restraints, as well as their exceptional client service and depth of understanding.

D Group have been responsible for projects that include multi-story precinct developments in the ACT, that have required industry expertise, a high level of professionalism, contemporary technical knowledge and an unwavering commitment to the delivery of projects large or small, on time and budget, within scope.

D Group's hydraulic services include:

  • Initial design & consultation with clients to achieve the best possible and cost effective design
  • Liaise / Approval documentation requirements with ACTPLA, ACTEW & Tams
  • Sanitary drainage and plumbing services
  • SW Drainage & Sub soil
  • Trade waste (Grease lines)
  • On site water detention / retention
  • Rain water systems
  • Pumped sewerage reticulation, vacuum plumbing and drainage installations
  • Gas services & liaising with local authorities, and
  • Trade waste plumbing, drainage and pre-treatment of grease, chemicals, acids, silts and oils

D Group conduct investigations on in-ground sewer, storm water and reticulations including CCTV surveys and location surveys. They can provide detailed reports and cost-estimating services.


  • Cost plans and project budgeting
  • Design development, master planning and planning control.
  • Liaison and negotiations with statutory authorities.
  • Investigation work, research studies and reporting.
  • Project feasibility studies.
  • Design & documentation of hydraulic services.
  • AutoCAD documentation.
  • Tendering and instigation of contracts.
  • Project/contract administration.
  • Quality control of works completed.
  • Workshop documentation and preparation of maintenance manuals.
  • Preparation of 'as constructed' drawings.
  • Workshop documentation.
  • Post contract control and monitoring of maintenance procedures and protocols.
  • Design and system certifications.
  • Independent assessment and reporting on hydraulic services design